Rinastore - Marino Fabiani Sandals / Black

For me, there was always something magical in Italy. Beautiful Italian women and men, Italian food and Italian sense for fashion was always something that had great value.

This day I started with Italy on my mind. I imagine myself walking down the breathtaking Italian streets, full of art and style, full of people and smiles, and everyone was looking just at me. In my mind I was wearing this exact shoes and they have stole every look in the street.

The perfect mix of colors and elegance, but convinient for every day walk as well, made me fell in love at first sight with this Marino Fabiani Sandals.
If you walk in the store, they would be the first thing you would look at. High quality, amazing style and stunning combination of colors is something that describes Italian shoes.

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Rinastore - Marino Fabiani Sandals / Black
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