Take a piece of my yellow world.

So, spring has come today, and what are you going to do? Have no idea yet? Well, than put this outfit on and go down the town. Take a walk in these beautiful Divine Follie Shoes (https://www.rinastore.com/6152-divine-follie-shoes-black/dp/10650).

Take a deep breath, put on something yellow in combination with these Divine Follie Shoes from the www.rinastore.com and win all the looks in the city. 

rinastore.com #4

First time I have seen these Divine Follie Shoes, I knew I wanted to mix them with something yellow. In my head was playing that song called "Yellow" by  Coldplay, and all what I was thinking of was colored by sweet yellow feeling.

In my head I was wearing this combination and I was walking through the crowd, but everyone noticed me. They noticed me, because In this combination I looked stunning! Who wouldn't, right? :)